Monday, June 16, 2008

Over a cup of tea

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Isn't this a teacup with nice company? I grew tired of the turquoise table cloth and moved my photosessions temprarily. (Beware! I may become extremely creative and use a red table cloth instead...) It's mint tea in the cup, home picked and home dried. Soon I'll be able to say that it's homegrown too, but this batch is from runaway mint growing around the allotment.

It's been a day with setbacks, and eventhough I'm not a friend of those they certainly add to the flavour of a nice cuppa. Right now I'm pondering those things that's actually works for me when growing things indoors. When my thoughts are taking walkabouts like this the result is most often a mindmap, but for clarity's sake I'll use a list instead.

  • Evaluate the indoor climate; dry? humid? warm all the year around? follows the seasons to some extent (cold while cold outside etc.)?
  • Chosing plants according to the indoor climate
  • Selfwatering containers
  • Terracotta pots + water every day
  • Weekly shower with clean water to wash away pests
  • Eggshells as seed pots
  • Tomatoes
  • Leaf amaranth
  • Indian spinach (works best in tall windows)
  • Spices, especially basil and sage
  • Nasturtiums
  • Common purslane
  • Ice plant

Now I'll lean back and savour the knowledge that I was wise enough to not water the allotment before the downpours of today.

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