Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plants for a future

Unfortunately my chronic ear inflation is on the go (while I'm not), which means I have to make short posts for a while. Today I'll share my favourite place for checking up on new crops I'm pondering to use for indoor gardening.

Plants for a future

You can do a search in their database on both common and latin name, and every plant is provided with a short fact box and a longer essay on cultivation and uses. I'm quite fond of their rating of edibility in one to five apples. They've added sources and footnotes, which is a very good sign although I have yet to check up on the works they've used.

The group behind the database have some research cultivation sites in Great Britain. Since they seem to have some economical trouble it's a good thing to donate to them - this site is really useful.

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John said...

Cool site with lots of useful info. Thanks for posting it.