Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bottle neck problems

That's what I got. The seedlings should've been replanted weeks ago, but I don't have any terracotta pots big enough. And if I had pots big enough I still haven't arranged the two new grow windows I've been writing about. If I'd try to make the windows I'd soon get stranded since I haven't bought the lamps, fluorescent tubes and what else that's needed for the project.

This has been my limbo for the last weeks since I've been broke. Fate has now granted me a bigger sum of money (thanks mother in law!) and even if other needs are competing for them I think I'll be able to reserve some of it for indoor gardening. If I should buy terracotta pots? In that case I won't have any place for my repotted plants. If I should buy lamps and everything else needed for the windows? But that's a boring shopping spree (unfortunately that's how I work sometimes). To be strictly logical is a help; it's better to create some new grow windows since my seedlings can grow in containers not made from terra cotta.

I'll go for the flourescent light. But it's boring. Dead boring!

On the other hand I can find some confort in the fact that I managed to do something on the big scale; this Sunday I'll finally get rid of those pallets under the window in my study. Friends with an abundance of tile stoves will get them to use as fire wood. Hooray!

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