Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ecosan Part deux- toilet in Bangalore

This is a composting toilet in India. The model is not far from the composting toilets I've visited in Sweden, although the construction is a bit simpler. It doesn't smell as much as you can think as long as you keep the room clean. And clean it is; appart from a few drops of spilled ash and that the wall has been chafed at some places I can't find a speck of dirt anywhere.


Chicago Mike said...

I saw your comment at

I am sure there is a department of agriculture there, maybe you could convince them to get the manuals and start a program there.

Chicago Mike

ceridwen said...

Well - its simple but very effective "technology". Glad I'd finished my breakfast before I started viewing it personally - heh! There's possibilities there for design of future housing to be based on - errr....complete with "seating" facilities of course....some of us arent as fit as we were.

Rosengeranium said...

Chicago Mike: The problem is not the Department of Agriculture in itself, it's the fact that they already got several educational programs running already. I'll make a try though.

Ceridwen: I should have put an extra warning lable in the post - I keep forget that I'm quite unsensistive to yuck.

My friends' composting toilet is a quite modern looking seating facility, so more comfortable "thrones" do already exist. No "squatters" in Sweden, in other words ;)

zenrainman said...

Thanks for posting my ecosan video
Do take a look at what happens to he fertilizer then


Rosengeranium said...

You're wellcome! Interesting vid, thanks for the tip!