Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time your recycling

Soon I've had my bokashibins for a week. Did I mention that the buckets were bigger than I thought? I didn't read the measurements and since it was said that it would "fit under the sink" I assumed that it was a small ten litre (~three gallon) bucket.

Well, it does fit under the sink, but it's closer fit than I imagined - the buckets can swallow about twenty litres (~six gallons) and are made with a pedestal to make it easy to drain of the bokashi fluid. When I'd unpacked my bokashi set, that came with two of these giants, I could only think of how cluttered that space was. An once ordered collection of recyclable items had run amok and threatened to bury anyone daring to open the doors. It was time to clear this out.

Come to think of it; the fridge needed some clearing too. Even if I had a full worm feed tin that could go in the bokashi some extra stuff couldn't hurt. Out with the old vegetables, fruitsallad, minced meat sauce and those small sweet bellpeppers that turned out to be peppers. That was enough for a first try, so the worms got to keep their food. Ceremoniously I put everything into the bin, poured some bokashi flakes over them, flattened it out with the special flattener, put on the lid and shoved it in...

I still needed to clear the space under the sink. My hubby and I have made a small chest with wheels and the plan was to fill it with recyclables for transport to the recycling station. That chest was full too. I dressed for the cold outside, put as many bags with trash on top of it, the hubby gave me some string to pull it along and off I went.

It was below minus ten degrees when I walked to the station with my sprightly companion. Eventhough we didn't build the chest from sapient pearwood it had a mind of its own, going where it wanted to, dropping some bags along the way. At the recycling station I did what I should and went back to my house.

On the first floor one of my neighbours where hanging on another neighbour's door for a small chat. They do so quite often and I said 'Hi' while I was waiting for the elevator to arrive. One of them turned around and pointed to the chest.
"WHAT is this?"
"It's our recycling chest - we put wheels on it to make it easier to take out the trash."

The chest was very much admired, and only when I stood in the elevator did I realise two things. A: It clappers. A lot. B: The time was 22.30. When I thought I took a quiet walk to throw out some stuff I probably woke the entire first floor.

Well, the space under the sink is cleared and today I used bokashi fluid as fertilizer for the first time. Everythings seems to work as it should, eventhough I've put the bins in the staircase cupboard. Was the easiest solution to the problem.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your indoor gardening. It will be an interesting experiment.