Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh well

The CSN (the swedish authority granting student loans in Sweden) is as I remember; kind but overworked staff and a set of regulations disobliging enough to make the Evil One green with envy. The last part has grown worse over the years (I've studied on and off since 1993 and can compare). Right now my studies, our home and my gardens are hanging in limbo. Frustrating. I do have some plans to save the situation, but I'm not the only one despairing these days, so be prepared that the Indoor Gardener blog may change drastically the next coming weeks.

Could you pray for a miracle for me? I'll return to this subject when I have something new to tell, untill then I'll return to my miniseries on natural fertilizers. Tomorrow it'll be comfrey and nettles.


ceridwen said...

I wondered what those battles with "authority" were.....hope things work out for you.


Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! So do I. Being somewhat pessimistic I've found a good job to apply for, so I'll be busy during the next days.