Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Make Bokashi

I'm buying my bokashi flakes from a swedish retailer, and I'll go on doing this for a while. In the same time I'm pondering making some myself; I mean, there can't be a too complicated process behind. A little searching on YouTube and I found Podchef showing us the basics. Bingo!

I'm going to make some more research on which microbes needed before I start to making some, but anyone who is impatient can take a look at The recipe gives a culture with fewer kinds of microbes than in a bag of bought cereals, but it may still be worth a try.


ceridwen said...

Hmmm....well Podchef wasnt very specific in his ingredients at some points. I "tuned out" a bit as soon as he said about 2 teaspoons of ceramic powder - and I thought "what exactly is that and what sort of place can it be bought?". Darn - good basic idea - but his video falls on the specifics.

Back to grow your own comfrey plants and look for the local nettle patch methinks.

Rosengeranium said...

Heh, I had to admit that I tuned out on exactly the same spot and wondered the same :) I'll dig deeper into this to find some more specific description.