Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good soil....?

 Hm, I've upgraded my account to the new, better and full of features Blogger (*ting*), that's why I've been silent for a few days. I'm playing around with the new features and so far I've been able to lost an entry to the blogdemons. Ah, well, it was only an image and no text, so it isn't hard to reconstruct, but it is slightly annoying.

The image? Well, have a look; these are two of my sallad pots.  I've planted them at the same occasion, used the same soil - cheap seedling soil from Coop in Sweden. The access to light is somewhat different - one is placed in a southward facing window. The other is placed elsewhere, but close to the purple and creepy light that is supposed to be good for plants. I like to believe that's something that counts.

Yes, it the wiltering pot that is placed elsewhere. When you touch the soil you can feel that it has become compressed into a hard cake - a wet one choking the roots of my little plants.  The southward pot has soil that is fluffier and more forgiving. But I did use soil from the same bag, didn't I? Why does it behave different in one pot but not the other? The quality of the soil has to have something to do with it, as well as the light and my watering technique.  This calls for more research! (Horaaaaaaaay!)

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