Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And wave a dead hen over the keyboard...

Swedish blogdirectories have very strange and funny rules for submission. This blog is a daughter to my swedish blog Parkettodlaren, and mirrors most of the posts I write there (I have to make some exceptions for book reviews, I think). To submit Parkettodlaren to the swedish Bloggkartan.se (a geographical index) I have to make sure my blog is listed by Knuff.se, and to be listed by Knuff.se I have to ping Nyligen.se...

I'm not entirely happy to be forced to make a post about swedish blogdirectories in a blog that strictly records gardening, especially not since the post is mirrored in english. But rules is rules, and since the siteowners where kind enough to provide a standard text with a link for the purpose (not displayed here) I wrote it anyway.

On a sidenote I think that Nyligen.se with all its sockpuppets could take a look at the submission rules for, for exemple, Blogarama and Bloghub.

More interesting post to follow, soon.

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