Sunday, March 11, 2007

Muji pruning shears

Yesterday my hubby gave a cool gift; a pair of pruning shears. But not just any pair of garden scissors, it's a multi tool. It comes with a handy belt pouch and are stored with the handles folded around the knives, and you unfold it like every other multi tool I've seen. A small pin keeps the knives shut while you are opening the thing or working with one of the other tools. In the handles you find a knife, two saws and a dandy lion weeder. Hopefully I wont have to handle dandy lions in my indoor garden, but this tool will sure come in handy now when the balcony season are starting. Last year I had to use my fingers when I pruned my lavender. It hurt a bit.

Big hug hubby! I love you too!

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saya said...

That is a very cool gift. I might send my husband the link ;)