Friday, March 09, 2007

Back again!

I promised you interesting articles about carrot and turnip, and then I diappeared for a week. What happened? Well, the surf speed of my computer was severly decreased when I downloaded an upgrade from my anti virus software (MacAfee - be warned!...) My laptop is eight months old, I use a ten meg broadband, and still it takes 3-5 minutes to download a page from BBC international. Our second computer, on the same line but more than six years old, loads the same page in less than twenty seconds.

Oh, I can speed up the surfing by using Ms Internet Explorer, but not being able to use my other browser on the same conditions makes me mad. Mozilla Firefox is known enought to make it feasable to adjust the software to it.

Right now I'm using Ubuntu (a linux distro) with Mozilla Firefox to surf the web. This makes the speed almost the same as to before I downloaded the upgrade. Unfortunately not precisely the same, which hints at hardware problems, or that MacAfee have rewritten bios. I'm not geek enough to know which one of the theories that is anything to work on. What I do know is which company I'd really want to bury in crab grass.

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