Sunday, March 18, 2007


This afternoon I opened the micro and found the milk my hubby warmed for me for elevensis (our forenoon snack). We've had little sleep these last days.

When I'm feeling soggy like this I do handywork, which means I spent the day putting up the added light for my little indoor garden. It's about time. The little purslane and turnip seedlings has reached for the light so much that they almost lay horisontal over the soil.

Setting up this lamp involved drilling, tampering bolts and electricity work. I'm as happy as a kid when I manage to do things like that and feel like a Super Strong Woman (tm). The fact that my son said one of his first two word sentences made it even better.
"Mom drilling."

Now I'm savouring this, looking out over an indoor garden that has truly reached space age.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hey that's pretty cool, congrats on getting the lights set up.

ericat said...

I agree- a pretty cool mom. As long as my Hubby has the drill, I will not get it. I like to dig. Pity a garden needs so little digging just lots of weeding. The indoor garden seems not to need weeding. Indoor veggies sounds tempting, veggies grow very difficult outside in our dry hot summer.
My garden is at my hobby garden