Friday, February 01, 2008

Quinoa sprouts!

The quinoa sprouts did fairly well, although not to the extent I'd expected. Perhaps I soaked them for a period too short, or perhaps this is the amount to expect. What you see in the picture is the result of 1dl (2/3 cup) quinoa, and I think the amount is about 3dl (2 cups). (Alfalfa would've filled the entire jar.)

Unfortunately I waited too long before I harvested, since I expected the sprouts to behave like alfalfa. Instead, they fermented. Fermented vegetables are not unknown, but I have to admit I only nibbled a bit before I threw the rest away. The taste was good, so I'll make a new batch. Right now though, I'm soaking a batch of amaranth seeds, a way to vary the food.

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