Friday, February 15, 2008

First replanting for the spring

So, I've replanted my first batch of plants for the spring. The nasturtiums were about to jump out of their tp-rolls and demand eligibility to vote, while other seeds hadn't even poked a sprout above the soil. All the plants that had been in the glas bell were moldy and I realised today that I should have lifted it off for a quarter or so every day to allow for some ventilation. Duh! I already knew that! Why didn't that piece of knowledge surface earlier? Well, I'll use it the next time I sow something - which ought to be tomorrow.

I've used terracotta pots for this batch as you can see. I'll running around and water the plants every other second, but I grew tired of finding rotten soil at the bottom of my selfwatering containers. And these pots looks good, which is a big plus when you are gardening indoors. The climbing aid I made for the nasturtiums is my big pride this time - don't you love the charmingly charred look barely noticeable here? I used sticks left from the fireworks at New Year's Eve. With a bit of luck I'll become a trendsetter and Wal-mart will start sell hobby craftsmen precharred sticks by the dozen :-)

Since it's friday I'll end this post with a small film. It has nothing to do with gardening, I just found it fitting since I have recieved compliments on blogging in both english and swedish. Enjoy!

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