Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unvoluntary vacation...

I've been unable to blog for some days. This has to do with me registering my company and a close to buy an appartement experience. Administration in other words. The company is the biggest time thief, not that it's hard to register - such things are a breeze these days - but I've had the most magnificent angst over hitting the "register" button on the IRS's webpage. It's as if they would send a vampire the next second screaming "NOW I got you!" and taxate my down to my last drop of blood. To win over a fear like that takes an average of one hour per key pressed down on the keyboard.

If you say "Wait a minute! That means a battle that has lasted for years!" And you are completely right. This company has been brewing for several years and have been almost registered several times. Only the bait "nice flat in an area we want to live in" could make me fight that angst demon. I still have some scary things to do, so I hope you'll forgive short blogposts the next couple of days.

I know it's not a vacation. But blogging will be a big part of my job, so I don't really know what to call it. "Another time thief"? Penal servitude? Vacation do sounds better.

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