Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It always takes more time

There it is! This is the ladder I tell myself I'll climb - me being a tad afraid of heights. I'm not afraid all the time, only when I stand on slightly instable contraptions that accentuates the vibrations from my knees.

But there is a cure. You hop on the ladder untill you grow accustomed to its movements. I've used this method before, and I will do it again. This time I'll do it bit by bit, though.

My morning started off pretty good. I dragged out some of the wood and my rough sketch of the nursery I'm planning to build. Then I took a picture. You know, being pedagogical and all by documenting my work step by step. After a glance at my rough sketch I concluded that I needed a jigsaw. Why haven't we bought a jigsaw when I'm constantly planning woodworking projects? Is this a clue to why these projects never get done? Probably.

But I thought that I at least would do those things that were possible to do. The rough sketch should be transplanted to a neat one - with front view, side view and view from above, just like a professional construction drawing. After hours of thinking and measuring the work table looked like this:

I've measured, I've made ergonomical studies and I've thought... Correction; I've tried to think. Hubby and I have been burning midnight oil for too many days now, and today I reached the point where my brain didn't cooperate. Remeber that: if you want to be a successfull indoor gardener, make sure to get proper sleep. At nightfall my construction drawing looked like this:

I have to make some extra purchases - some of the wood proved to be of wrong dimensions. And I want to use a special decoration called "pearl staff" in swedish. I googled it, and found out that this was a name for... Well, being swede I wasn't chocked when I found out it was the name of a certain device sold on places with higher hit percentage than the ordinary wood working stores (as well as a considerable higher 'blush potential'), but it was awfully hard to weed out the usefull sites. Thank God I already knew about Slöjddetaljer (mail order company selling hobby wares and wood working tools) because I was starting to get annoyed. Anyway, I've arranged for a drive to Bauhaus (european version of Home Depot) tomorrow. Time to shop!

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