Saturday, February 02, 2008

Patti Moreno builds an indoor garden

I like Patti Moreno (GardenGirlTV). She thinks in the same ways as I did when I started my indoor gardener project; we can't all live in the country growing our food. She's way ahead of me though, and she has an outdoor garden to use too, so everything isn't usefull to someone of my kind. Her five programs on building an indoor garden has a lot of interesting stuff though, so I post them here.

Part 1 Building the indoor garden
My comment: Oh, I want one of these porches! They are extremely unusual in Sweden. In metrics hers is about 2*4m. Speaking of Sweden, the fact that she are using GORM shelving units from IKEA makes me smile. Been there, done that - on the balcony.

Part 2 Sowing and storage
My comment: It's possible to use an ordinary pen for making furrows, but that thingy Patti Moreno uses is actually quite nice - if only because it saves you from drisseling your notes with soil...

Part 3 Making more space and seed delivery
My comment: Dang, her heap of envelopes is bigger than mine :-)

Part 4 Recycling pots for sowing
My comment: Patti Moreno says it doesn't have to be expensive to start up growing stuff. I'd add that you should always start cheap. By recycle things into your new hobby you are forced to concentrate on the actual process and what's supposed to happen (since you need to figure out what of your stuff you can use). Besides, you may not like growing stuff, then you'll be broke and surrounded by stuff that bores you.

Part 5 Water and replanting
My comment: This part was a real eyeopener to me. I've always regarded replanting as unneccesary work, but here I can see that it actually saves up on space. Duh! Important information on handling water and seedlings, but I still don't understand why she cuts the tips of the roots. Anyone who knows?


Anonymous said...

You cut the roots because it forces them to divide, thus giving you a larger rootball.

Thanks for posting!

GrowBoxed said...

The water supply tips at the end I found very useful. I never considered letting the water sit for a while in order to allow certain chemicals to evaporate.

Cathy said...

I thought I was an indoor garden
fanatic...You must have as much fun
as I do. Nice blog! Keep it Up!