Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Water and drying

Half of my seeds have grown so far. Unfortunately I neglected to ventilate the glass bell, which means mold grows on the pots inside. It's probably not a good thing, but I wont do anything drastic. Last time I paniced, removed the cover completely - and all the seedlings died. After a bit of pondering I think a combination of dehydration and darkness killed the poor little plants. I've put up a table lamp to illuminate my new seedlings, and put the glass bell on matches to let some air in. Let's see if this is enough.

The tiger nuts have recovered in one of the two gardens I planted, and it's time to cut them down. My plan was to dry it and use as bedding in my vermicompost, but how do I do that without a drying tray? Luckely enough I don't need to care for colour of active substances so I can put the cuttings in broad daylight. It hit me that one of those bags you use for your bras when you wash them in a washing machine would do. It may not look romantic, but I'll put it in my study where I won't be much (fact is I'm mostly working in the library...).

The next item on the shopping list is neither drying trays nor seeds. It's carnivorous plants, we are all sick and tired of the 'flies' my garden generates.


List of plants that have grown, in chronological order

  • Kyona Mizuna cabbage (under plastic bag) 2008/02/02 after four days
  • Basil 'Genovese' (in glass bell) 2008/02/03 after five days
  • Leaf amaranth 'Calalo Red' (under plastic bag) 2008/02/03 after five days
  • Nasturtium 'Alaska' (under plastic bag) 2008/02/05 after seven days
  • Salvia (in glass bell) 2008/02/05 after seven days

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