Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Garlic and indian spinach

My flat reeks of garlic. I've chopped up some and put the slices on the soil in my pots. This seems to scare away the tiny mosquitoes thriving in wet soil (and eating seedling roots). I do understand why. Eventhough I am a garliclover the smell gives me headaches, and if I get a headache what wouldn't happen to a mosquito? Since only freshly chopped garlic will do this cure is expensive; the cloves disappears like snow in Sahara. I'm counting on replacing them every third day, but I think I'll leave the flat during those first fragrant hours.

Thanks to the indian spinach I've still got a cold. I was close to well when it decided to invade the neighbours. It grows so fast I could almost see a creeper extend itself into the nasturtium and wrap around the support. I realised that if I didn't repotted the indian spinach and gave it a trellis of its own I would soon have a shrubbery instead of separate plants. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday was spent sterilising better soil, repotting and building a trellis. I do hope the spinach is worth it, since I was whacked all through Easter Eve, -Day and Second day of Easter. My lungs were burning.

The only cure that seems to work is rest, so I'm chilling today. I pretend to not notice that the tomatoes desperately needs to be repotted, since if I do I want to replant every other plant too. It's not only a case of chore vanity (the chore has to be done in a special way) but also a question of space and light. Tomatoes in bigger pots means I have to plant other crops together in a container and that I need to give plants in the same window higher pots. Fluoroscent lights aren't flexible, after all.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Very interesting about the garlic! I'll remember this one.

Owen said...

Nice post. Garlic an indian spinach having lot of medical behavior. it will elp to get well from some illness.

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