Monday, March 03, 2008

More turf!

I've spent most of the weekend either sawing or cleaning. A jigsaw is extremely messy when you use it. And eventhough I told myself that "next time I'll attach the vacuum cleaner" I redid everything this morning. To be a gardener I have a remarcable lack of patience. This means two more things have emerged on my wishlist. Number one is only possible to fulfill of you are a very rich person; I want a woodworking shop. No, not a communal one (I've seen those), I want one of my own. A place where I can hang my tools neatly on the wall and where the workbench stays put! Right now half of the time carpenting is engulfed by carrying stuff and folding/unfolding the bench. Where I do the work? In the library of course! Sprinkle the books with sawdust will only liven them up... Wish number two is more modest, I want quick grip clamps. One clamp, two extra pads and two planks in one manuever are a test to patience and endurance. I'm lucky to be a mom in this case.

But now I do have two halfpainted shelves on my table. If I'm lucky I'll be able to put them up tomorrow evening and hang the grow lights under them. Then I'll be able to move my january seedlings from the nursery, repot the february seedlings and sow again. Wooot! I'm waiting for that moment! I suspect my plants do too, especially the tomatoes seems to be ready for some new turf.

The indian spinach makes me worry a bit. I hope it tastes good, because it seems to Grow A Lot. Plants For A Future mentions it can grow vines ten meters (11 yards) long. If you don't believe it you can take a look at the little video I found on YouTube where someone has filmed vines growing along the ground. (This is 'raw' film - no speaker, no music, just the sound of the photographer.) Well, if my own "Seymores" decides to walk down that road I promise you a recipe on indian spinach pie.

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