Friday, March 28, 2008

Tired friday

Tired blogger in rocking chair. This was actually the best picture in the batch - I'm not photogenique...

Today I stacked my library books together and brought them back to their home. Since I've decided to stay on good terms with this magnificent institution I payed my late fees too. Before me in the line was an old lady beside herself with shame since she had to pay ten swedish kronas ($1,64 / GB£ 0,82 / AUD 1,75). I payed more than ten times that without even blinking. My only excuse for having no shame is that I hope they'll buy more books for my money (this is not the first time I'm late, and it won't be the last either).

I'm not sure if carrying heavy loads of books is to blame, but I've been pretty tired ever since. My plant's been given the basic care and nothing more - unless you count the plans I made for next replanting round. To at least see some work I googled "gardening". I expected a wild hit to be the first, ie. a company that sold something along the lines of 'adult garden gnomes' amassing a lot of hits while not being of more than theoretical interest to me (ahem). But what I got was a "spot on!" hit with the additional thought "THEY should know". Videos, lots of facts and this lovely british accent.

BBC Gardening

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