Monday, March 17, 2008

The thrips are back!

Ain't that the life! My gardens and I have become ill at the same time. Thrips for them, a heavy cold for me. I'm off for the worse though, and have to sit down an relax every now and then. Extremely irritating for someone who can juggle terracotta pots as if they are feather balls. Particularly irritating is that I know that if I do something about the thrips now this may be the only thing I need to do - but I don't have the strength to.

On the other hand I have the time to figure out a strategy, and that's not bad. I've tracked down simple, environmental friendly pesticides (softsoap mixed with water) and am pondering on how to work out a routine for spraying my plants regularly. Maj-Lis Pettersson recommends spraying houseplants with water under high pressure once a week to keep pests away. Because of the state of our bathroom (when it's not cluttered, wet laundry is drying there) this has not been possible. Now I'm able to work out how to declutter it and figure out how to be able to spray plants even when the laundry is drying.

My dream is to rebuild the bathroom and add a special table with a sink where I can spray my plants and clean my indoor gardening stuff. Since my hubby and I really isn't into renovating (planning renovations is another thing) I think I'll have to file this dream into the "theoretically possible" file - ie. together with the dream of covering all the roofs of our housing cooperative with solar panels and maybe add some some wind turbines on the most windy spots. What I could do is to build a table for the bathtub - hmmmmmmmm...

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