Tuesday, March 18, 2008

See d' lings...

Every morning I check out my cloche and take down notes on seeds which have sprouted. I'm still fascinated by the fact that a sown seed turns into a plant, so I spend quite a lot of time on this task. It's as if I'm guarding the Making Of The Device That'll Save The World Once Finished when I stare at some eggs filled with soil. I take down dates on the sprouting plants. Look at the other eggs - only soil on the surface. I look from another angle - still only soil.

To be really sure I look from a third angle, to see if a tiny, tiny sprout is hiding somewhere. A minute pebble gets a stern look, as well as the remaining grain of long term fertilizer, left from the soil's adventure on the balcony last summer. Since I've put the cloche beside my working space I continue my check ups through the day, with occasional pauses for work.

Yesterday four little seedlings had sprouted and the soil in the rest of the eggs was black. No matter how much I stared - it was black. Then I forgot about it and worked all through the day (!) The evening had come when I remembered to check back on the eggs again - and discovered that four new seedlings had sprouted! Without any sign or warning!

I'm sure they do it to annoy me.


WiseAcre said...

I see your eggs hatched.

I told my daughter about starting some seed in egg shells. I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the grand kids.

Rosengeranium said...

Yes, now I have true vegetable chickens :)

Gardening with kids is fun, I do recommend it. My twoyearold loves it; digging, splashing around water and using the Big Spraying Can is just his thing.

PlantBuddy said...

Hi! I will be planting eggplants this year and trying to grow them in containers on an outside deck/balcony. Have you any advice on this vegetable? Only grown tomato plants, never eggplants.

Rosengeranium said...

I haven't tried eggplants yet, but would love to (yummy vegetable!). I'll keep an eye on your blog to see how you're doing.