Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Plans for the reading corner

I rarely have the time to sit here, but don't you agree that this is a nice corner? Within a few weeks I'll replace the lower plastic box with a 'nursery' with vegetables, to replace those brown leftovers from the tiger nuts. Note the two green straws striving for light. Tiger nuts are the closest I come to having weeds. A weed I like though. The tiger nut grass will provide my future vermicompost with bedding, and I'll make cookies out of the tubers - 'nut' cookies for my allergic friends.

The nursery is just a plan in my head right now. I didn't realise how much woodworking indoor vegetable gardening would bring when I started this hobby. However I'm not surprised that I love it. Swedish kids are taught both woodworking and sowing at school, and are expected to chose either when they reach higher levels. I chose sowing, and knew already by then that this was a lousy choice. Finally my inner carpenter has a chance to get out!

My problem is that it's a carpenter with a taste for shopping. The battery of our cheap cordless drill was empty when I tried to drill holes in the grow lamps this morning. At once my inner carpenter craved a new drill. Fortunately she has a taste for Skil - a brand that sells tools of good quality to cheap prises. Unfortunately she has the skill of compairing prises. Two Skil drills proved to be cheaper than one Bosch drill.
"Wouldn't it be nice" my inner carpenter whispered in my ear "if you had two. Then you could use one while the other is recharging. Or you and your hubby could use one each while you are working."
Another part om me that is more down to earth said that this could also mean that you had two drills with empty batteries at the wrong time.

I'll wait a month or two with buying a new drill. There's a new fair this weekend, combining gardening with interior design. That sounds like the right place for an indoor gardener. Be sure that I'll be there, and I'll probably shop...


N. & J. said...

I'm interested in hearing how this turns out. My fiance and I live in a tiny apartment and our balcony doesn't get any sunlight so we are trying to figure out ways to grow vegetables indoors. Good Luck with your projects!


Rosengeranium said...

Glad to hear it! I'm quite positive that this will work now, and I think the keys are added light, sprouts, chosing the right crops and some mad ideas about recycling ;-)