Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The artist and the vegetables

Would I buy these bulbs? I don't know, but when I have the money I'll buy a print for the door to my study. Ursula Vernon, with the homepage Metal & Magic, is one of my favourite artists, she's got humour, an eye for the absurd and a certain love for vegetables. How about some Mammoth Garlic?

Or the Biting Pear of Salamanca?

I do recommend her homepage for grey days, there's lots of fun stuff there (some of it are not deemed entirely kiddy friendly by everyone so take a test tour alone if you have kids with a tendency to look over your shoulder). A few days ago someone broke into her house and a lot of valuable things were stolen, and since I've spent many happy hours browsing her webpages I plug her as a humble way to say thanks. Her prints are affordable; ten to twenty dollars depending on size, and you can buy original art too (count on several hundred dollar, though).

Last, but not least, a small picture without vegetables but full of charm. Ambulocetus beatnikii "the heppest of the transitional forms".

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