Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tommy's troll

Well, I should've continued my fresh start today, but something came in between. It was a... a... a tiny troll (we usually call it Tommy's troll) that hit me in the head while I was reading a catalogue over expensive company courses (someone thinks my own little project has an enormous budget). I shouldn't have laid down in our futon doing so - Tommy's troll is well known for his habit of hiding behind sofas.

I slept through the entire forenoon and woke up just in time for the parental social at my son's daycare. The work will continue tomorrow, I give you a bonus picture of my tomatoes in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

I think I have one of those trolls around here, too. :) Your tomatoes are beauties!

Hydroponica said...

Well you've got some nice looking 'maters, at least.

Everyone needs a "lazy day" as I call them now and then. I'm about due for one myself, but I'm so obscenely behind on my blogging I'll probably spend my next remotely free day catching up on that.

If I can...

Rosengeranium said...

Nancybond: Thanks! They're fast little buggers (the trolls - not the tomatoes), and they multiply like rabbits. I think everyone has a personal one, but Tommy's troll is working overtime and takes on his friends too. :)

Hydroponica: Thanks! It's easy to ignore the little hints the body gives - especially if you're occupied with something fun. Take some rest and you'll do a better job after that.