Monday, September 15, 2008

The study

This is my biggest troubble. Did you think I had a window garden like this? You may understand why when you see what the rest of the room looks like.

This is my study to be. I'm dreaming about wall papers with roses and a fully fledged "english cottage style" (as we say in Sweden where we have more than one cottage style to choose from). Right now this is more of a "junk yard style" which explains why I grew tired of climbing over stuff to water the plants. Here there is more than the indoor gardens in need of fixing, most notably the venetian blind. This time it's not my artsy ambitions that've made me leaving it down - a string has been torn off.

I got big plans for this room. I've already mentioned the wallpapers, I'm dreaming of a living wall and another aquaponic system (yes, yet another one). This is the place where the fishes are most likely to turn up since this is the room where I can decide exactly what goes where. As soon as I get rid of the junk, that is.

Untill then I just have to face the obvious and keep the indoor gardens from this window. I'll remove the terracotta pots and recycle the soil. The wiltered nasturtium plants will be used as bedding in the vermicompost. The natural habitat for the vermicompost worms are wet, wiltered leaves, so in this respect the recent down period is jackpot.


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