Thursday, September 04, 2008


Our weekly ration of organic vegetables was delivered today. We've been waiting for onions, and 'they' turned out to be one humungous bulb (yes, that's a tennis ball of normal size in the picture). How impractical. I'm not a friend of leaving onion halves on a plate in the fridge, so the only thing I can use this for is a gigantic chili con carne, or perhaps a large onion and cheese pie.

This reminds me that I've seen aquaponic gardeners growing onions in their systems. I still have hopes for growing roots of various kinds indoors! Preferable roots of a more reasonable size.


Hydroponica said...

Couple thoughts for ya:

Chop up the extra onion you don't need, pop it in a ziploc bag, and freeze it. 12 to 24 hours after you put it in the freezer get the bag out, scrunch it around a bit to make sure the bits don't freeze together into a solid brick.

Then you can just use as much as you need for as long as it lasts, and since its diced up it doesn't take but a minute for the onion to thaw and cook in hot skillet or whatever.

Also, onions do quite well in hydroponics from what I hear (I haven't expanded into root veggies myself yet). If I remember correctly, they do a little better in denser media like sand, since they tend to be a little top heavy sometimes.

If you grow your own onions make sure you look up how to cure them so they last a long time!

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! We had the onion in a italian cheesepie today, but I end up with too much onions on a regular basis, so I will use this method more than once anyhow.

My plan is to grow onions in clay pebbles. I've seen it done, and they are cheap, easy to come by and lightweight.

Thanks for the tips!