Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fresh start!

My plans for the fresh start of this season has always been to clear, clean, restock and finish one window at the time. To finish a unit at a time makes the working process comprehensible and gives visible results (as I would say as a project manager).

This morning I didn't feel for this method at all - I collected every container with a dead plant in the entire house and did them all in one row. The leaves was saved for the worms (bedding material), the soil was poured into a plastic box and lignified twigs were thrown away. The extremly dead amaranth strewed seeds around and I collected them in an envelope - I'll never need to buy those again (however I may need to hamper my inner collector, the pile of homepicked seeds are getting bigger by the week). I washed the terracotta pots and tidied the workplace while they were sterilised in the oven. Everything went smooth and I even had a few minutes to rest before picking up the son at daycare. I was proud...

...untill I saw the last pot, sitting proudly at the middle of the Table, unemptied and uncleaned.
"Hidden in plain sight" as my grandpa used to say.

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