Friday, February 27, 2009

A look in the green book 090227

Let's see, what have I done lately. Flicker through leaves... ahA!

I've been reconstructing my gardens. When I write this I realise that it's a lot of work, but while I was working I was just annoyed that it went so 'slow'. It took my about a week of solid work, so I'm not sure about that any more.

The twentieth of February I write

Took me two days to sterilize all my soil, Now most of it is gone.

Does this sound futile? It was fun! I mixed the soil with one litre (one third of a gallon) bokashi water and some worm fluid to get microlife and nutrition to the soil. Unfortunately I was out of choir blocks, they would have been just the stuff to improve structure, but since the soil felt fine I hope this batch will turn out alright anyhow.

I have to admit: a couple of day later I bought eight litres of seedling soil and eight litres of container soil (about two and a half gallon) just to be on the safe side.

The twentyfirst of February we find the note

Was sterilizing clay pebbles in the oven but had to stop since the pebbles were exploding.

Oh yes! The pebbles were wet since they hade come straight from the seedling nurseries and in a heat of 200¤C (400¤F) water changes into steam so fast it can't just evaporate slowly through the pores it entered through. The pebbles turned into pressure chambers, and they couldn't take it. From the sound you would've guessed that I was making terracotta popcorn, and this has been the first time I've pondered protective goggles before taking stuff out of the oven.

This is how it looked like when everything had colled and I could open the door.

This week I've also done something I never thought I would do; I've put planted seeds in the fridge for stratification (=putting seeds in a cold place for some weeks to fool them that they've been through winter and can start to grow once out in the warmth again). Keeping soil and fertilizer where you put food is not my favourite idea. On the other hand I really do like to grow ramson and lavender, and they both need some cold weeks before they can sprout. I have to bow to the facts, and view this as an excersise before I sow blackberries...

And last; a small vid for the weekend. I think everyone who have or has had a cat can relate to this:

Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do'

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