Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roof garden in India

As you all know by now I'm fascinated with roof gardens. I've showed you the allotment on Harrod's roof as well as private gardens in China. But this is by far the coolest vid I've found, not only because it seems to be normal people who owns it (most roof gardens I've found have been owned buy big companies and have been big and expensive greeneries) but also because the have not only one but two rice paddies on top of the house. Watch out for the cool footwork!


Kenneth Moore said...

That is wicked cool! I wish I had access to my building's roof, I would be growing enough food to feed hundreds of people (it's a gigantic apartment building). I think I'll have more than I can handle as it is, just in my window!

I wonder how big rice paddies would have to be to make all the rice that I eat in a year... I eat so many pounds of it, they must be gigantic!

Rosengeranium said...

I'm with you - we are in the process of finding a new home and I've found myself pondering if it's possible to flatten the roof of the garage to get some extra space for vegetable gardening.

As for the paddies I think they can be relatively small. At the vid they get about five pounds of raw rice from the roof - and they have another paddy close by. With a wee bit of clever planning you can harvest from one while the other is growing. Think of the indoor possibilities! :)