Thursday, February 12, 2009

The outcome of a pneumonia

If I could say "I will never again catch pneumonia" and know it to be true I would be glad. What you see above is my bonsai tomatoes - I don't remember when I sowed them but I know that they've been sitting in the nursery for about two months. Or is it three. I did a thorough documentation when I started this batch, and when I looked at the papers I had forgotten to put the date on them. The entire autumn is lost in a fog of tiredness.

Today I've finally started to clear up the things that should have been made in December. Some explants have been sent to the green heavens and I've mixed some more soil for the seedlings which have survived and are in need of containers. The salvia in my herb window had wiltered and was close to follow its siblings into the waste bin. I had already pulled it out of the soil when I realised that the core was alive and healthy. Without missing a second I shoved it back into the container again, cut away dead leaves and twigs and soaked it in a bath for a while. It'll be interesting to see if it survives.

My biggest problem is the thrips. To decimate the population and keep it on a modest level requires hard work. Right now I doubt I'll ever get rid of them completely, the other day I realised I've always had them around my plants. Perhaps I'm doomed to an eternity of thripsinfestation. But keeping the air around the plants moist reduces the damages considerably, so I'm hopefull. Some day I'll even gather the determination to wash every window and plant, and then we'll see if the critters survives (mwahahaha).

I think I've written that bokashi fluid can be used for pest control when you dilute it 1 to 1000. That's what I'm going to try now. This will also feed the plants (they are able to absorb nutrients through their leaves, eventhough they prefer 'eating' through the roots), so I've waited a bit to see how my current fertilising habits are affecting them. I need to change, since my plants are overfed and ill. The plan is to interchange worm water with bokashi water (diluted 1 to 500 since it's for daily use) plus one thrips treatment a week. I want gardens so healthy and lush they look artificial.

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