Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Order in a book

I've introduced order in my gardens. Order in the form of a book with cloth binders. The classic thing is supposed to be black oil cloth but I couldn't resist colour coding mine to my study (no matter how hard I try I can't get rid of my inner romantic). In this book I keep track on important things like when I sow my seeds, in what and where. It's not for a scientific study of indoor cultivation, rather a method to remember what's happening.

Untill now I've kept my records on the backside of used envelopes and put the notes on 'good places'. Now I have gardening facts strewn around the house and I have no idea of which ones that really are important and which ones I can toss. You may remember that some of them doesn't even have a proper date on them. It's a relief to finally have everything in one place.

Thus my tip for this time is to buy a book for the gardening records. Make sure it's a good quality notebook and that the binders are tough. When it comes to books quality are relatively cheap so don't be overly thrifty. Your notebook will lay around soil, pots and spades, and may even be treated with a shower from time to time. And you'll want to keep it and read it long after you've written the last line. If you buy a cheap notebook you'll soon have a worse loose leaf system than my recycled envelopes (unfortunately this happened to my first kitchen notebook - a cheap but pretty thing I bought and recorded the recipes I invented when I first lived on my own).


You may have noted that I've updated irregularly for the last weeks. I've had a fortyeight hour life to a twentyfour hour day. The good news is that it seems like everything is clearing up (do keep your fingers crossed, please). To declutter my life I've decided to keep down the updates on Indoor Gardener for a three week period. Untill 18th March I'll be updating Mondays, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.


And a small digression; Since I can't keep from surfing different webaps calculating your ecological footprint I've promised not to fly (it's easy right now; I have no money). Boat and train are my only means of travel. Yupp. But even when I did fly I stayed away from RyanAir because of their dubious personnel policies. After reading this article I've gotten yet another reason to avoid the company.

Ryanair: "Lunatic bloggers can keep the blogosphere"

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