Monday, April 07, 2008

Growing stuff

Time to replant. I've lost the rythm. My goal is to replant and sow every other or third week, these seedlings are well into the third to fourth week period. The reason is that I don't have everything I need yet. The nurseries I've planned for giving the replantations light are not built yet. In addition to that I have a new company that nags for my attention by wanting contacts with the authorities, neat paperwork and things like that. Against common advice I do everything at once. Eventhough some of the things will be done a tad late, it also means everything'll be finished in an acceptable time. Time management is an art.

Meanwhile the indian spinach is growing. Yikes!


Nancy J. Bond said...

I love the glass bell! It just occurred to me that I have a large, glass jar with a wide, open mouth that might serve the same purpose. Hmm...thinking cap on. :)

TopVeg said...

The Indian spinach sounds good - do you eat it raw?