Thursday, April 03, 2008

When cooking goes boink

Today I decided to try some of the indian spinach to see if it's something to cook for the family. I cut three leaves, each of them bigger than a dvd-disk, and two tender stems and planned to fry them for a modest lunch.

All my sources recommend garlic for indian spinach, but we didn't have any. In my hunt for other spices I came across two packets of "Green and Garlic" from Max (dip for french fries from a swedish hamburger chain). I grabbed them, plus some sambal oelek, soy sauce and salt. I fried everything together with five meatballs from the freezer. The indian spinach was reduced into green threadlike scraps. The dip fell apart into several decilitres (or cups) of fat and some milkpowder. I'm not sure if I want to know how they manage to cram that much of fat into a half decilitre (1/3 cup) of dip.

Unfortunately I've been craving for fat since yesterday, so I cut a thick piece of bread and poured everything over it.

The result? It was so salty and fatty that I didn't feel the taste of the spinach - I couldn't even feel the leaves in my mouth. I'm not able to review the taste, and I spare you the cooking pictures. Fortunately the indian spinach grows fast. In about a week I'll have enough to do some real cooking.

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