Friday, April 04, 2008

Unexpected enjoyments of indoor gardening

Am I a stacker wiz or not? Twentysix years worth of handdishing stands behind this, and I'm sure I can build a tower with the double amount of pots in the same dryer. I only had twenty pots at hand, so my creativeness was a bit hampered.

A few days ago I discovered another unexpected enjoyment. I was sterilising terracotta pots in the oven, which I do by putting them in 200¤C (392¤F) for twenty minutes. Now, what do one do in the meantime? I brought out "Den goda jorden" by Philippe Plönninge (~"The good soil" a book I recommend for everyone who knows swedish). It's a good one, packed with facts and separate explanations of central terms. In other words: a book with basic knowledge well worth memorizing.

Suddenly I realised that I wasn't on a university course. I wasn't expected to hork down everything in less than a week. If I wanted to memorize the book I could do so in my own pace. I immediately grabbed some paper to take down notes. Then I fetched some age old index cards (by their look I suspect they're around fourty years old), and made flashcards. Believe it or not, I intend to learn every definition and fact word for word.

I don't mind you calling me crazy for loving slow swotting, I'm just happy to know such intriguing terms as "aggregation" and "colloid" by heart.


VP said...

I'm glad someone else builds 'castles' with their pots. I was beginning to think it was just me! Thanks for stopping by the other day :)

Rosengeranium said...

I think more should do. Saves space and is utterly fun. :)

The pleasure was entirely on my side :)