Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How's it goin'?

This is what it looks like when you use Mini Happy Plant. The tomato still doesn't get enough water, so I'll add another cup soon.

I'm getting closer. Now it's possible for me to say that we'll have fresh herbs for cooking as well as one sallad a day from my four window garden. The question is if this is enough to be "an amount big enough to feed a family of three". For my own part I feel it's cheating, and I can do that since I see the possibility of growing more than that.

Root vegetables is hard to grow indoors, and so far we get them on subscription from a swedish company delivering ecological fruits and vegetables to the door once a week. We're saving a few pennies on that, partly because we know where we put our money and we're not running around in shops making impulse buys. The big reason I want ecological produce is that I don't want to throw leftover vegetables with pesticides in the vermicompost; when I start the planned soil circulation these poisons will soon amass in the plants, and later on in our bodies.

Something that worried me in the beginning was that it would look like a kitchen garden in our windows. Kitchengardens are not appreciated for their aesthetic values in the first place, and I do want a beautiful home. But the plants looks like any other window plants, and because I've taken great care in chosing different vegetables and nice pots (ie. terracotta pots and plastic boxes without scratches) the gardens are lovely.

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