Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Earth Day today, or...?

Have you noticed how majestic religious ceremonies are in films? Perfectly coordinated rites, thundering music and high priests in elaborate hats. Anyone who regularly partakes in religious ceremonies knows that they are more like this interfaith blessing of a garden with native plants in Michigan.

For some months now I've read about "Earth Day" on various places on the net, and it's supposed to be today. I did a google search on the name and stumbled upon a 'whenfight' since some celebrate Earth Day in March. Moreover ED is celebrated in the last half of the year on the southern hemisphere - since that's when spring comes if you live there. In Sweden the day is almost unknown. I prefer fixed dates so I celebrate today. Perhaps the ideal would be two Earth day, one for the spring and one for the autumn, both on fixed dates. After all the autumn is an important period of preparation and contemplation before the winter. (Better still would be to make both days international holidays - who am I to turn down a day or two off :) )

There's a religious feel to Earth Day, and perhaps it's a sign of the protoreligion you can find in the environmental movement. But it's still possible for christians, muslims and members of other religious communities to celebrate in accordance to normal rites. To make Earth Day and allreligious commemoration takes concious effort from hosts, though. (I may be harsh, but since religion is my speciality I've seen too many good things lost on hosts assuming that the arrangements are ecumenical, while they're actually repulsing prospective sympathisers.) EarthDay.net are doing a good job, and setting a good exemple.

So, how am I celebrating? This year I'm opting for a quite alternative; prayer and contemplation. Out entire home is decorated for the Easterperiod, a forty day party-like-crazy (at least metaphorically speaking) period for christians. It's hard to top that up.

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