Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring, sprang, sprung...

Wait a minute, wait a minute! Wasn't the buds big as applepips yesterday, and I had to stroke the trunk to feel if the tree was alive or frozen?

Gah! I swear it's just hours since I removed the dead leaves to see if there was any living greenery beneath. Now the first strawberry flower has opened. And my plan was to make major rearrangements in these containers!

When I started this experiment I thought indoor vegetable gardeners were free to ignore the seasons. This has proved to be wrong. Even if you can keep indoor temperature at an even level you have to take the sunlight into the account. During the darkest months of the year you need strong grow lights, and personally I loose interest in growing stuff (the biological clock is a strange thing indeed). In addition I start to realise that an indoor vegetable gardener endowed with a balcony should add that extra space to the 'garden' as soon as it's warm enough. My own extra produce won't be counted in the record, but for indoor vegetable gardening in general it's better to add those extra square foots - this is a compact hobby where every inch counts.

This means that with spring comes extra work for me as well as for 'normal' gardeners. The floor design of the balcony needs to be decided and new plants will be planted (think strawberries...). The terracotta pots needs some tlc, and the floor under the plastic tiles needs some vacuuming. The last part is something hubby came up with, and I won't stand in the way. Since I'm overly ambitious I'll grow plants for my allotment and drag home some pallets for my eeeevil plans. Strange as it may seem I look forward to brake the latter with a crowbar...

There are many hours of hard body work to come, but it's that and chocolate that keeps me alive.

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