Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Better than a gym card

Divas due for the allotment.

I'm experiencing a downperiod right now. On earlier occasions this has meant that all my indoor plants has withered and died. This time I've actually watered them as I should. I regard this as a step forward and plan to continue this way. Perhaps it's the extra time in open air that my allotment gives me that's doing me good. I go there every day and try to find something to do - even if I only spend half an hour on the place this means a lot of outdoor hours on a week.

Tomorrow my indoor divas really needs attention though. I plan to indulge in one big cup of hot cocoa from hell and then tapdance through the common procedures of watering and showering. After that I'll rest, I hope...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Thanks for all the helpful information. As an apartment gardener myself, I wonder how you pot and plant without making a mess. I am searching for a new system to reduce soil mess (the old one being newspaper on my table). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Rosengeranium said...

Hmm - I haven't given mess a though for very long. Pick anything that's usable from my little 'essay' below.

In general I work on a very large table covered with plastic table cloth where it's easy to handle the mess. I keep my soil in a sturdy plastic box (instead of the original bag), which reduses mess in itself since it doesn't 'flop around' when I work. If I have little workspace (due to clutter) I place the box on a chair instead of on the table - when I fill the pots I can hold them over the box and the excesses falls right back where it belong.

Thanks for the compliment! My ears are all pink now :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice and congratulations! I appreciate the tips and will definitely incorporate them!