Friday, May 02, 2008

This and that sallad

Today two meals included homegrown vegetables. For lunch we had hotdogs, spagetti and a 'this and that sallad', ie. I cut leaves from those plants who could afford it and mixed them (the leaves I mean) in a bowl. The sallad of today consisted of nasturtium, chives, leafamaranth, indian spinach and mizuna, and I served it with a few drops of dressing. The taste of the amaranth has proved to be somewhat tough, and needs the muscles of a good red wine vinegar to stay in place and cooperate with the rest.

For dinner we had nettle- and indian spinach soup followed by (swedish) waffles. The indian spinach isn't big enough yet to provide food for a three person meal. But it's not far away; one of the leaves I cut today was A4 sized (about lettersize). An unforseen problem is that tenders leaves and sprouts tastes delicious. I've found myself nibbling them like candy and then try to smooth it over with an "at least it's healthy eating"...

(Yesterday I wrote a post on how I was affected by the collective hangover in Uppsala eventhough I'm a teetotaller. Apparently it was worse than I thought since I posted the text on the swedish motherblog Parkettodlaren. Sorry.)


VP said...

I love nasturtiums in a salad - leaves and flowers. The seeds can be pickled too. Everything nice and spicy - perfect!

Rosengeranium said...

Yes, and they're easy to grow too. That plant is close to perfect.