Monday, May 19, 2008

Leading the youth astray... I said I don't do it willingly. I even spared my son's favourite window when I surveyed how many windows I had available for gardening. He loves to stand there looking out on the world and I hadn't the heart to take this spot away from him.

You can see the window above - and all the plants are his.

We sowed the strawberries first, and when I realised how slow they grow I let him plant some nasturtium too - he needed to remember that he had sown a plant when he saw the first seedling. Two containers could stand in that window without covering his view. For his birthday I bought him "Castor odlar" ("Castor is gardening" - ok, I admit I lead him astray a teensy weensy bit), which made him want to plant white beans just like the main character in the book. White beans were purchased and planted. When I visited the Nordic Gardens Fair I promised him a flower - that's the little pansy between the two big terracotta pots. He specifically asked for an orange flower. Then the teachers at his daycare started a "little green thumbs" project and made him start up some parsley and lemon balm.

You can still look through the window, but I have to admit that I mostly look at the windowsill thinking
"How did this happen?"


badhuman said...

That's what I say when I look around my apartment for a space for my latest plant.

Right now I'm growing a bunch of stuff in an unused corner at work but when I leave my job I have to take them with and I have no idea where I will put them...

Rosengeranium said...

I'm soooo glad I'm not alone! Don't worry about the plants - one always finds a place for some extra greenery, sometimes with the ready use of a crowbar :)

Kaira said...

Hello there!
This is my first time here. I was wondering if you have anything on aromatic herbs and hot peppers. That is what I am interested in growning indoors, for now.
Thank you

Rosengeranium said...

Welcome, I'm glad to have you here!

Aromatic herbs and hot peppers are pretty easy to grow indoors. I haven't tried peppers, but I have a small herbgarden on my windowsill.

Basil, lemonbalm, mint and sage (salvia) are herbs that are easy to start with; easy to germinate, grows like crazy and hard to kill. The basil needs warmth to start growing (the only 'pickyness' of the plant), so you can start it in spring/summer to be sure to have the right climate for it.