Thursday, May 15, 2008


The iceplant has been the biggest disappointment so far, it didn't taste good at all. I'll give it another chance when I've started up the vermicompost. Right now I give it syntetisized fertilizer, and that ought to affect the taste. Everything else has been edible, and by now I've developed useful routines around harvest and cooking.

My biggest discovery is that we don't eat sallad to every meal. When I started gardening I just assumed that this was the case. Now I know that we eat meals that don't need greenery at least twice a week, ie. porridges, soups and pancakes. (In Sweden pancakes are a meal for dinner or supper, traditionally served after a bowl of thick peasoup (I can't really call that an entrée, it's half of the meal). Some of us cheat and eat only pancakes, but you get the general idea.) Some days you don't feel like a leaf sallad and chop up some carrots instead.

My other discovery is that you need to have the sallad ready already in the pots. In other words: you need to grow several kinds of vegetables at the same time. Right now I only have indian spinach, leaf amaranth and nasturtium wich makes variation hard. So the experiment continues, now with the goal to find more kinds of vegetables useful for indoor gardening.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! We aren't able to harvest anything soon though I think we will be able to eat some baby spinach soon. We intentionally started small this year but whenever I look in the seed catalog I start getting grand ideas because I want to grow everything :)

Rosengeranium said...

I know; whenever I look in a seed catalog my flat is as big as Buckingham Palace :)