Thursday, May 08, 2008

Twenty degrees in the soil

Hey dude! Could you spare some room up there?

Today I dug down some cheap themometers at my allotment. This because I've learnt that different crops are to be sown according to the temperature of the soil. Twenty degrees Celcius (68¤F) means you can grow everything you want - including beans.

This solves one of my big problems; how am I supposed to find space for presowing outdoor crops at the same time as I sow a new round of indoor crops? All available windows are filled, and all the other spaces are tagged for different purposes. I've looked thoughtfully at beds and kitchentables several times, but we need space for living too - and that without hitting our heads on growlights every now and then. This warmth means I can sow outdoors at once and save my precious presowing area for the plants that really need it.

So, now I onle need to build those nurseries I've talked about for so long, at the same time as I sow a new round of indoor crops and take care of my allotment.

When I'm planning I always think there are seventy minutes to the hour.

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