Wednesday, May 28, 2008

IKEA and mad potatoes

You're not allowed to take photos at IKEA. I suspect it's because they want to protect new patterns and furniture against pirating. Since I'm a nice person I left my camera at home when I went there to buy some plastic boxes. I WILL build that vermicompost I've planned for so long. After reviewing different kinds of boxes, evaluated wooden chests (I want a cover), taking meassures both inside and outside and had some lunch I stuck to my original plan anyhow.

IKEA isn't a furniturestore, by the way, it's a game were you're supposed to walk through the entire building without buying more than you came for. Today I almost succeeded, some terry towels followed me home. Even a master makes mistakes sometimes*.

To give you something to look at I went out and snapped some pictures on my potato instead. Do you see that it looks somewhat uptight and angry? Two days ago I raised the level in the bucket by scooping some more soil into it. The reason is that this is supposed to challenge the plant to grow higher and develop a longer root cluster with potatoes. Challenged it was - the plant nearly glared at me from the bucket, and it had become five centimeters (two inches) taller in two days.

So I scooped some more soil in the bucket. By Midsummers Eve I'll have filled the bucket and in addition to that raised the maddest potatoes of the neighbourhood.

*Several times I've walked through the entire IKEA without buying anything. That should make me eligible for some sort of diploma.

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