Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tomorrow I'll take some serious rest...

Today has been one of those days when my head really hasn't been with me. You know the effect of too many nights burning midnight oil? I've lost things, started up new things and forgot all about them as soon as I left the room, found some other projects in the new room and continued working on them without any worries, untill I have to leave for the first room and finds the first chore, which I continue working on untill... etc. etc.

I've managed to water my plants, I've even nibbled some from my indian spinach jungle. But when I was about to walk to the kitchen for the herbgarden the waterbottle had disappeared into thin air. Myself I had mysteriously ended up in front of my computer in the library.
"Now, where did it go?" I thought as I looked up on the thing that happened to be right in front of me, namely the majestic double window.

There was the bottle, so symetrically wellplaced I had to snap a picture.

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