Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Embarrassment of riches

Today I woke up suffering from 'no wanna'. I contract this condition after I've worked hard doing manual labour. Since this was the case today I decided to go nettle picking. It's easy and fast; it took me one hour to harvest seven litres (about one and a half dry gallon). On the other hand it's a snag, those seven litres was reduced to seven decilitres (three cups) when I boiled them. What makes it worth it is that nettles works like stock cubes, two deciliters (one and a third cup) is enough to make a thick soup for four.

Once again I saved the water used for parboiling the nettles. Almost five litres (more than a gallon) I hope will be a good base for liquid fertilizer. Ordinary nettle water is mixed one part to ten with clean water, and if I use this recipe my batch will be enough to make fifty to sixty litres of fluid. Yikes! My plan is to pick a LOT of nettles - I'll be drowning in this! I won't have the heart to throw away perfectly good fertilizer...

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