Saturday, January 06, 2007


So, I've started. I've made an inventory over my assets and mindmapped what ought to be done (tm). I've tried to translate english plant names to swedish with varying grades of success, and ordered the following from Impecta

  • Tiger nut
  • Carrot "Amsterdam Forcing 3"
  • Sallat "Tom Thumb"
  • Loose leaf (?) "Frissé d'Amérique"
  • Radish "Rapid Red 2"
  • Turnip "Snowball"
  • Portulaca oleracea v. sativa 'Grön'
  • Ice plant

Tomorrow I'll start a batch of alfalfa sprouts again and search for my old seeds - maybe there's life in a few of those little things. And I have finally found a purpose for all my sturdy and usefull yoghurt containers.

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