Monday, January 22, 2007

Plastic pot garden

This is what my little garden is looking like right now. I took the picture while I had gathered all my pots for a watering round. Eventhough I'm using saucers to catch surplus, the inbuilt tank in each pot makes it hard to calculate the overflow, so I decided to work on the sink to be on the safe side. As you can see the plants are still tiny - I would say this is the boring phase of the cycle. The plants have sprouted their first two leaves, and don't seem to be interested in growing any more. I'm pondering thinning them a bit. When I sowed them I wasn't sure of how many would grow, after all they all were old seeds, thus I sowed quite many in each hole. As you can se from the picture I didn't need to worry.

Watering is troublesome, though. I'm using an indoor watering jug that distribute the water in an single jet of water, rather than sifting the fluid through a sieve. When the jet hits the soil it digs a deep hole and can in unfotunate cases dig up several of my little plants. I've tried to prevent this by moving the jet around, but that does only work to a part. If I can't find out anything else I may need to borrow the little one's toy jug.

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