Thursday, January 11, 2007

Me vs plastic sack

It worked out well. I could drill holes in plastic buckets and plant in them whith a two year old around my feet. But he wasn't exactly amused. He wasn't allowed to play with the leca, and mommy was busy instead of watching him.

Well, I've discovered the disadvantages with storing soil bags on the balcony. They suck water like sponges. Out there, in a broken HOLbench from IKEA (one of my other great plans), I keep two 50 liter plastic sacks of seeding soil. The soil was meant for my grand scheme of tiger nut plantations, and has been forgotten there for a while. I grabbed the top sack and lifted.

The sack didn't move.

With a better grip I hauled.

The sack didn't travel a milimiter

With A Better Grip I Hauled.

Nope, no movement.


You couldn't even see a difference.

Now, this was getting ridiculous. I wanted the soil inside. Planting seeds in zero degrees is nothing for me. And I'm not a weak woman. I can gladly lift my husband, weighting 80 - 90kg. But he helps out with the lift. The sack didn't.

I looked at it. It seemed to be happy where it was. Outside the bench a plastic box (from IKEA - why change a winning comcept), once a cover for the christmas ham, had been forgotten. A plan began to take form.

With an extra HARUMPF! I heaved the sack over the benchlid and dropped it into the box. Hah! Now I could drag the sack across the floor even without breaking it and cover the flat with black fluff.

Victory is mine!

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